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Junebug & 4 Steps to Having A Positive Attitude on Valentines Day

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Junebug. That was the nickname my boyfriend from many years ago gave me. I thought it was endearing until our first Valentines together....


Yeah.. not so much after that. A green pocketknife with my nickname inscribed on it was not exactly on the top of my list of romantic Valentines gifts.  At the very least, it could have been red!

Some couples I know are smart enough to not exchange gifts on holidays but for those who do.. because hey, there is nothing wrong with wanting to be spoiled, we all have our war stories. Research actually shows that break-ups and divorce spike after "expectation holidays" and there is even a Wikihow article on how to break-up on Valentines Day in 8 steps. Our advice.. just give a really bad gift (maybe a green pocketknife?). 

So we thought we would challenge this 8 step break-up with a twice as fast 4 Step guide to having a POSITIVE ATTITUDE on Valentines Day whether you are in a relationship or not.


  1. Some of us have expectations for Valentines - whether it is wishing we had a partner, hoping for a proposal or a romantic gift.  To off-set any disappointment felt, we recommend literally taking the "ex" off "expectations." So when you say it, it will come out like "my pectations were not met" and that just sounds funny - especially if said repeatedly. The prefix "ex" means "out of" so we think this is taking the seriousness out of a loaded word.

  2. When ordering anything on Valentines Day, start it off with a version of Stuart Smalley's affirmation: "I am good enough" - for example, when ordering coffee: "I will have a Vanilla Latte with 6 pumps of Vanilla Syrup because I am awesome enough.” 

  3. If you told your partner what do get you and they will get you exactly what you asked for, rehearse ahead of time the argument you might have:  "I told you to get this for me and you just got this for me because I told you to. If I did not tell you to get it for me, you would not have gotten it for me." When rehearsing, do so in the mirror - yes, you look crazy - as crazy as this argument (but no judgment from us - we have been there). 

  4. If you are a mom and you are too exhausted to even think about your partner (or wishing you had one) because you are planning Valentines Parties for your kids, crafting homemade Valentines and doting on them so they feel loved, you are just setting them up to a life with lots of high pectations for the future - but see, since we just took the "ex" out of the word, it is so much less serious so just do whatever makes you happy.

In all above, maximum positive attitude results will be increased if you are wearing a comfy and cozy Bee Attitudes shirt from our Bee Cozy Valentines Collection at 30-50% Bee Cozy Sale. Treat yourself this Valentines! 




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