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Are You Crazy Enough To Think You Can Change The World?

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This spring we are asking the question: Are you crazy enough to think you can change the world? With March Madness this month, it seems a good time to ask this question. As a society, it is easy for us to rally around a team and act crazy.. yelling, painting our bodies team colors, having a closet full of your favorites team's apparel, having mood swings that depend on if your team won or lost.  Imagine if we were all this crazy about positive attitudes that change the world?

It seems at Bee Attitudes we are crazy enough to have big imaginations about changing the world. It all started with a tee and a bee and our imagination has continued to grow. Most recently, our tees with bees have evolved into TEES FOR CHANGE: EMPOWERMENT THROUGH EMPLOYMENT, a social initiative in which we are hiring the women of Thistle Farms to help us with specific projects with the vision that one day we will be a company buzzing full of Thistle Farms worker bees.

In 2015, we would love to hear from YOU. Where do you imagine your journey to finding a positive attitude will take you? Do you believe your positive attitude can have an impact on the world? What attitudes will need a lot of cheering to help you find and what attitudes can you coach others on finding? Do you have a team of people helping you on your journey? What colors or new attitudes would help you reach your goals? Boast about your wins and find no shame in telling about your losses in 2015. Through it all, we will be your #1 fans cheering you on from the Bee Attitudes' beehive.

We will be highlighting on social media, our blog and creating a scrapbook of stories and photos about your stories of change (e-mail to share). As goes with everything about our company, we find all sizes & shapes bee-u-tiful so we are interested in all sizes of change. Also check out our #CrazyForChange contest where you could win a $100 Bee Attitudes Gift Card! If you are #CrazyForChange, know you are in good company at Bee Attitudes.


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