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It's Tax Day: Is Your Attitude Taxing You?

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When we think of the word "tax", what comes to mind for most is the check we send to the government on money earned. Tax can also refer to the idea of someone/or something making heavy demands on you.  What's great about positive attitudes is they are not demanding. Happiness, kindness, being in the moment, having courage and gratitude, these all add to our lives and the world around us.

While we all love the positive attitudes above, the truth is our brains are hardwired to be more stimulated by negativity. We have what scientists refer to as a negativity bias. Possibly that is why in middle school, many of us wanted to sit at the lunch table with the mean girls. And maybe that is why that mean bully voice that lives in many of our heads can be so hard to ignore - the one that compares us to others and always feels we could be more or have more or do more. It's all about more.. and more... and more (but always falling short of enough).

Negative attitudes towards ourselves, others and the world are demanding. Loud and unyielding they are which is why we need to be POSITIVELY ROARING and UNSTOPPABLE with attitudes that will make a difference. So the next time you feel taxed by negative attitudes, remember to TURN UP THE VOLUME on positive attitudes that CHANGE THE WORLD. #CrazyForChange


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