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Who is Lolita Rosenblum?

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If you tuned into Positively Tennessee on Channel 2 last week, you will see our first Bee Attitudes television interview. Lolita, a current resident of Magdalene, was interviewed for the segment and when it aired, on the screen it said: Lolita Rosenblum, Owner.

Lolita is not related to me & her last name is not “Rosenblum” and she did not replace Merissa, who was out of town for the interview, as an owner of the company. Lolita is a woman who has helped us at our warehouse as part of our Tees for Change: Empowerment Through Employment program where we are hiring women from Magdalene to help us as we grow.

Lolita is a 56 year-old former prostitute who is a current resident of the Magdalene House at Thistle Farms. She is smart, eloquent in her words, working hard to stay off the streets and stay sober. Lolita has so much courage and honesty and while she has moments where is afraid she has waited too long to make changes in life, she does not let her fear rob her of the opportunity she has for healing at Magdalene.

Although we may not share a last name, Lolita and I are in the sisterhood of women. The sisterhood I speak about to my 12 year old daughter. It is a sisterhood that is about respect, empowerment and awareness about issues of injustice for women in our country and globally. The voices of the sisterhood may be full of laughter or tears or simple words such as you deserve better.  The words, the stories and the truths of girls and women growing bigger and becoming louder are what creates change in our world.

See the full interview here... starring our bee-loved, Lolita Hoard



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