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Re-Writing The Giving Tree On Mother's Day

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If you search books on child development, there is a very wide assortment - from "Your Developing Baby: Conception to Birth" to "The Adolescent In Turmoil" (with literally 100’s in between). Moms do a lot of reading about their kids. But it seems kids do not do the same. "Studies" have shown that kids take zero time to gather insight into their moms. In fact, in our Google research of children books for kids on their moms, we could find ONLY one book that addresses our development and struggles of how we strive to be good moms. And that one book is The Giving Tree.

As moms, we are worried that this book might be the only psychological insight kids have into their moms. The tree in the book was a figurative mess – co-dependent and lacking in any confidence, it was clear that the tree needed some help or at least a Bee Attitudes shirt that said “BEE FEARLESS" and say no to your son for crying out loud! We all know the ending of the story where because she has given so much of herself, she is no more than a stump. 

If we wrote a story for kids about moms, what comes to mind for us is a story of a beautiful tree in the Redwoods of California because the moms we know have deep roots and strong, large beautiful branches. 

Or we would use another great example of mother in nature: The Queen Bee. She seems like the perfect main character. The Queen Bee is the heart and soul of her colony and in order for the hive to exist in perfect community as hives do, all the bees in the hive must attend to her so she can do her job. They must take out the trash, fold the laundry, sweep, cook and clean...right kids? At least on the one sacred Queen Bee holiday of the year, Mother’s Day.




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