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Leo In A Hoodie Tunic

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We are so happy to hear about this new Mom Bod and Dad Bod trend. All over the country middle-aged normal looking bodies are all the buzz. So relax moms and dads in America if your New Years resolution to have the perfect body is not ringing true, you are going to be so in style this summer. But CAUTION due to UV rays we can not be totally be off guard about covering up so if your husband is thinking about embracing the Dad bod the same way Leo did when paparaazi caught him galavanting around with a super soaker, let him know he's free to borrow your Bee Attitudes hoodie tunic as a cover up for outdoor activities. Remind him it's not only comfortable, but it'll keep his #manbod from getting too burnt in the summer sun. Leo looks great in it, right? #mombod #dadbod

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