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We Really Do Not Want To Add To Your To-Do List

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A sign of our age is the songs that go through our head. For instance, this morning when thinking about our Change The World tagline, I found myself singing Billy Joels’ 1977 hit “Just The Way You Are” – my kids know I can be a little wacky sometimes so my daughter did not bat an eye when I looked at her as she was eating her eggs and sang “don’t go changing to try to please me” into a spatula.


Yes, sometimes I am a little wacky & embarrassing!

And then here comes David Bowie later in the morning as I continue to think about our Bee the Change attitude. “Ch-ch- changes..turn to face the ch changes.” Thankfully for my kids, they were at school by this time.

I am not sure what is up with these songs going through my head. My philosophy is I find this attitude somewhat daunting so my brain decides singing songs from the ‘70’s is easier than wondering what in the world I do to change the world.

It does not help me when I Google people who change the world and the first search engine result that pops up is “25 CHILDREN (yes, you read that right – CHILDREN) Who Have Changed The World.” And then I watch some adorable video about a 8 year old girl who started a lemonade stand to end modern day slavery. All I can think is clearly I should be the one as an adult heading up these projects to change the world.. or at least be the mom of one of these kids.

The problem is often I have a hard time remembering to change the oil in my car or changing a light bulb when it is no longer working. I am pretty sure my husband changes the air filters in our house but left to me, that would never get done. Some days changing into clothes that are not too embarrassing for going to pick up my kids from school is a challenge. I miss the days when my kids were babies and the only thing I had to worry about changing was a dirty diaper.

Sometimes I do miss these days!

Sometimes I do miss these days

And then I have a light bulb moment thinking about changing diapers and all of this TO DO-ing on my list. I remember that we are not called DO Attitudes. We are called BEE Attitudes. Be as in Just Bee, Let it Bee and Bee The Change – not DO the change, not add to your to-DO list, not another thing to make you feel like you don’t already DO enough. We are called Bee Attitudes and we are about bee-ing positive. So throw that list of shoulds away and just, as Ghandi said so simply, BEE the change you wish to see in the world. And if you need to sing some songs from the 70’s while BEE-ing the change, go for it! We can send you a play list.



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