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Once A Year Panic

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Today is International Panic Day. We are not sure who came up with all of these random days but from Donut Day to Lizzie's favorite, Sneak Some Zucchini On Your Neighbor's Porch Day (no joking - it is on August 8th), it seems people are loving these off-beat "holidays." We are big fans in particular of International Panic Day.

Since we love the attitudes Bee Calm, Just Bee & Let it Bee, we think the idea that we can save all of our panic and have it in one day is a great one.  It kind of reminds us of the wave cheer at a football game. OK global community, here it comes - and a wave of panic just washes over us all. And then we are done.

No more stress during the holidays or during the day-to-day struggles of parenting. Planning a Bat Mitzvah, a wedding, lost a very important document on your computer, late paying bills or know you are going to run into an ex at a party? Great news - unless any of these events fall on International Panic Day, you are going to feel so calm, cool and collected.

If you run into us today, we are going to be totally panicked messes. We are going to stress about everything imaginable*. So if you see us or other people on International Panic Day who seem hurried & anxious, know we are just trying to experience all of our panic in one day. Just nod with understanding, give a quick peace sign and continue on with your full-blown, once a year day of panic.

Come June 19th.. we will all bee calm until International Panic Day 2016. To help you those other 364 days of the year, our Calm hoodie tunics, zip hoodies & tanks are 25% off at until Sunday with coupon code "BEECALM"

*At the top of our panic list today is we need 100+ votes to be considered for a $100,000 small business grant. Please vote for us HERE to help! 


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