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A Journey Begins: Bee Fearless

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We love having a guest bloggers. Here is a blog from Kate Clements on the attitude, Fearless. Very inspiring and a great reminder of what this attitude is all about!
“You were put on this earth to achieve your greatest self, to live out your purpose, and to do it fearlessly.” ― Steve Maraboli, Life, the Truth, and Being Free

For my first post to this blog I thought I’d start with it’s name sake. “Bee Fearless”. 
The first part of my summer adventure was spent in my beautiful home town Franklin, Tennessee. These past two and a half weeks have been utterly amazing. I got to spend time with the ones I love, visit my favorite places, and even reconnect with old friends. I’ve had such a great time in these quickly passing weeks I almost didn’t want to leave. While part of me is incredibly excited to be traveling to Michigan and working with Children all summer another part of me is absolutely terrified. I’m not so afraid of going off to a completely unfamiliar place in a nearly unfamiliar state, although it is a bit intimidating. No, what I’m afraid of isn’t what’s ahead of me, but what I’m leaving behind. My family, my friends, the familiarity of home, and of course the perfect taste of Sweet tea. After I’ve been away at college all year the short, sweet taste of home I’ve gotten almost doesn’t seem like enough. Somewhere in the back of my mind is this tiny fearful little voice that keeps asking what if I end up missing out on something back home, what if someone needs me? In spite of all of this though I’m so happy to be going to Michigan because I know this amazing opportunity to work at this Camp has been placed in my life for a reason. I can’t and won’t let my fears of leaving home keep me from experiencing a summer of adventure I’m sure I’ll never forget. So today I’ve left home on my way to Michigan after saying my bittersweet goodbyes to the place I love, and let me tell you, I feel good. I feel empowered almost. Because despite all of my reservations and nerves that come along with this move I’m facing this trip with an open mind and heart and so much excitement for the months ahead. I know there’s something great waiting for me wherever I go and that feeling completely outweighs any fears I have. That’s why I love this shirt so much because to me I honestly think that being “fearless” doesn’t mean you aren’t afraid of anything but that you have fears and doubts and you do get nervous but you don’t let that stop you from taking chances and living your life to the fullest extent. That’s what being Fearless is, and sometimes it’s nice to be reminded that we are all fearless everyday just by living our lives and taking the smallest risks. 
Thanks for reading I’ll keep you updated on how things are going after the move! 
Stay sweet, stay fun, stay fearless 
Love and Honey,
Kate (in photo below in Bee Fearless)

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