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We are loving the Uber craze that is sweeping the country. I met friends out for dinner in downtown Nashville a couple nights ago and decided to take an Uber. I requested one and within a few minutes, Eric showed up at my house. Eric is a high school Social Studies teacher who has been in the classroom for 21 years and this summer, he decided to supplement his income by driving for Uber.

In a time where the buzz phrase "stranger danger" is taught to young kids, I am amazed by the success of Uber. It is a shift in the compass of our mindset that is pointing towards the word "trust." I have asked many Uber drivers if they feel safe and unanimously the answer is yes. I now have a couple friends who drive for Uber and love it. The stigma of driving a taxi or pulling up to a restaurant in one has been completely turned upside down by Uber. In fact, there was a touch of savvy I felt the other night in my Uber as I pulled up to the curb.

It seems we are headed in the right direction, folks...

and these crazy for change Queen Bees are happy to go along for the ride. #crazyforchange




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