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Are We A Bossy Brand?

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"Choose Your Attitude & Change The World" is our tagline. It's a two step process that starts with deciding on an attitude you would like to have more of in your life and then wearing that attitude in the world both literally and figuratively. The result... a world filled with peaceful, grateful, kind & courageous humans.

We make it seem so easy, right? 

The truth is we know it is not so easy and on many days, regardless of our intentions, attitudes choose us. When faced with grief, fear, shame, discouragement, stress or other similar emotions; it can feel almost impossible to choose the right attitude for the world or us. 

We like to think of our shirts as not a bossy mandate on how to be in the world but rather a reminder that there are a variety of attitudes we can "wear" at any given moment and when you open your drawer and see a comfy Bee Attitudes shirt, a choice is waiting for you.  



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