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Do Our Attitudes Scare You?

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BOO! Do Our Attitudes Scare You? Since we are launching our Halloween Bee Witched shirts, we thought this was a good time to ponder the spooky side of bumping into the positive attitudes on the front of our shirts.

Let it Bee - Freddy Krueger might be scary but surrendering to what is out of our control (uh... pretty much most everything) can be HORRORifying!  

Bee Fearless - the word FEAR is in this attitude so this one is already off to a creepy start. To make it even worse, Taylor Swift throws around the quote:  "Being Fearless isn't being 100% not fearful, it's being terrified but you jump in anyway."  So hmmm let's forget fear & let's just be terrified?! No thanks.

Bee Grateful - the word "grateful" just sounds so flowy and easy, don't you think? But actually letting go of resentment, drama and obsession over people, places or things, might make you want to throw rotten pumpkins while you loudly cheer  -  "BOO-ring" (yes, that is boring with a BOO).

Just Bee - WHAT!!? Is the name of our company not BEE Attitudes as in Busy BEE, as in never sit still for a second because if I do I might.... have nothing to do.... and I might just have to sit in stillness. Wait, I think I just got a text on my phone. Let me check it.

We know our positive attitudes can be scary. But don't worry, at Bee Attitudes, we always have your back. 

On the back of every Bee Attitudes shirt is our "Choose Your Attitude & Change The World" logo.

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