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Will the Real Queen Bee Please Stand Up?

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If you have been around us for awhile, you may know that we often refer to ourselves as the Three Queen Bees. Since it is common knowledge that hives only have one Queen Bee, we admit we have not been telling you the whole truth. So here is our moment folks, just like the old TV show To Tell The Truth with the catch phrase... "Will the real _____ please stand up?" -  our question is: "will the real Queen Bee please stand up?"

Yes, audience please applause loudly for our own Lizzie Stuhlreyer, who is FABULOUS @ 50 today and the real Queen Bee behind Bee Attitudes.

From the very beginning, Lizzie's positive vision, passion and determination have been the driving force behind Bee Attitudes. Her attitudes that have grown and shaped Bee Attitudes are an example of how our attitudes can make a difference in the world. She might be short but she is mighty! Kind of like the bee...

The flight of the bee was questioned by scientists who wondered how their little wings had enough force to generate flight.  Some too in the beginning may have questioned how we could take flight - a small business defying the norm by forging ahead as a company that is making it fashionable to be positive and giving women who are victims of human trafficking a second chance through our Tees for Change program. Obviously, our Queen Bee has a FABULOUS force of her own.

Thank you, Lizzie! We hope you have a FABULOUS birthday fit for a Queen!

OK audience, now please sing HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Lizzie and visit us on Facebook where we will be wishing our Queen Bee a HAPPY BIRTHDAY all day today. And don't forget to order your Bee Fabulous shirt here and help us reach our tilting point! #spreadthebuzz



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