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When Having The Right Attitude = Life, Freedom & Dignity

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We are excited to announce our model, A. Michelle Harleston, is in a new film, 3 Blind Boys On The Block, released this weekend at the Urban Mediamakers Film Festival in Atlanta. The film, by Nashville's Alan Nettles of Moving4Ward Productions, explores the identity of three black men and the uninformed perception and judgement of others towards them.

Michelle in our Just Bee attitude

The news of this movie release was so timely for us as it is for the country. When Michelle told us the news about her new film, I had just watched Lee Daniels: The Butler (a movie starring Forest Whitaker & Oprah Winfrey based loosely on Eugene Allen, a butler who worked in the White House for 34 years for many U.S. Presidents). The character in the movie of the butler, Cecil Gaines, and the movie in general, speak to this gap brought to light in 3 Blind Boys On The Block

I was struck by Gaine's resolute stoic character and scenes of African Americans being aggressively degraded by protestors while sitting in peace as part of the Non-Violent Sit In Movement led by Martin Lurther King, Jr.  Interspersed in my head, were flashes of modern day racism in cities such as Ferguson, Charleston, Baltimore and Staten Island. 

At Bee Attitudes, it brought to the surface how often we are so easily shaken from attitudes of gratitude, courage or stillness. We wonder - is it a luxury to have the choice to stray from these attitudes? If we were fighting for something bigger than ourselves such as our race or religion or dignity, the choice to be shaken from these attitudes would not be as easy.

While in a blog we wrote a few weeks ago, we said we are not a bossy brand, we are a brand we hope will challenge you to think deeper about the attitudes you have and the way they impact your world, the world of others around you and the world at large. The next time you are struggling to find an attitude that can make a difference, remember that humans have shown we can do it when life, freedom and dignity depend on it. 

A few words about Michelle: We met Michelle at our first photo shoot a couple of years ago. We immediately felt a connection to this warm, strong woman whose beauty from the inside out is as real in person as it is in photos.  Bee Attitudes & Michelle share one goal in common: making a dream come true. Our dream: to make a difference in the world with our t-shirt line of positive attitudes. Her dream: to walk the red carpet one day. 


Michelle @ our very first photo shoot 

While the film addresses issues faced by African Americans, Michelle, who plays the character of Tanya in the film, says; "I hope the project makes people feel that some of the issues in the film aren’t white or black issues, they are human issues and need to be heard.  They should no longer be pushed under the rug or hushed-up. I want people to scream (if need be) when they are being mistreated, harmed or violated."

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