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A Superheroine Ending

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One of the struggles of having an almost teenage daughter is deciding on movies she can watch. Often she comes to me with a PG-13 movie in mind and I look it up on Common Sense Media, a website for parents by parents reviewing and evaluating the appropriateness of movies for kids. Most often when looking up the movie, I come across a variation of the synopsis below:

Parents need to know that this romantic comedy has many of the ingredients we've come to expect from Adam Sandler movies: crass, juvenile humor, including plenty of scatological humor and jokes at the expense of the overweight or physically imperfect. Swearing is pretty infrequent but does include "s--t," and there are plenty of sexist jokes and pratfalls. There’s also a fair amount sexual innuendo, at times around children, as well as drinking and references to a character’s over-reliance on prescription drugs.
I always find my stomach turning (and thinking that the people who determine movie ratings definitely do not have kids) and daydreaming about reading the following instead:
Parents need to know that this romantic comedy has many of the ingredients we've come to expect from Adam Sandler movies: clean humor, attitudes heard often such as gratitude, courage and kindness, and positive portrayal of characters of all body types. Swearing is pretty infrequent but does include a "dang" and there are plenty of strong leading women and girl heroines. There’s also a fair amount of academic innuendo, at times around kids working hard in the library and doing charitable work in their community.
Bee Attitudes started because we were three moms wanting to see more positive messages in the world for our kids. You might call this inspiration wholesome and that works for us since the word "wholesome" simply means according to Wikipedia, suggestive or conducive of physical and moral well-being. I think most parents would agree that we all want this kind of well-being for our kids. Wholesome does not have to be of the Little House on the Prairie variety.. the word should and does have a place in our modern world.

We love to hear stories of companies such as Tree Change Dolls who are showing that this is possible. Tree Change Dolls are barbie dolls that have been given a make-over - they are made over from Barbies into dolls that have shed their make-up and high heels and are dressed & ready to go in attire perfect for the playground.The overnight success of this company shows people are wanting a more positive alternative for our kids. 

We hope one day movie producers might think that wholesome movies for tweens and teens with positive role models and messages are a worthwhile endeavor.  If that does not happen, maybe we will have to get into the movie-making business. It would go something like this.... a movie about three women who started a company inspired by wanting to see more positivity in the world.  While these courageous heroines worked hard to get the buzz out about their t-shirts, eradicating cynicism and negativity that was over-taking the world, their attitudes of gratitude, kindness and courage triumphed. From that day on, the world lived happily ever after wearing positively awesome Bee Attitudes t-shirts.

Stay tuned for our pre-order special for youth shirts for spring!

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