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Bill Harbison: A Few Feet from Supreme Change

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At Bee Attitudes, we focus on change of all sizes. From the change we can make in each other's life by having a positive attitude to the changes we make at Bee Attitudes in our commitment to help women who are victims of human trafficking through our give back programs. If you know someone who is making a difference, we would love to hear about it. Below is about a Nashville attorney we were honored to interview last week.

At Bee Attitudes, we hope to inspire you to remember attitude is a choice we make many times every day and every choice has the power to impact another person, creating a ripple effect that has global potential. But less often in life do we have the opportunity to take an action that creates a wave that can wash over attitudes of the past to create SUPREME change.

Attorney Bill Harbison (in photo below) of Sherrard & Roe in Nashville, TN had such an opportunity, along with a team of attorneys, over the past few months to sit a few feet away from the nine justices of the Supreme court as marriage equality was argued and won.

Mr. Harbison is a man who has created many ripples in his life with an attitude that is compassionate and calm complimented with an intellect and ability that his son, Jay, saw when he called his dad from Regina Lambert's, a University of Tennessee law school professor, house one evening two years ago.

Lambert received a phone call during Jay's visit from an attorney who she had asked to join her to bring a case she hoped would eventually go to the Supreme Court for marriage equality but the attorney declined. Jay had another attorney in mind.

It seems we often look to our children for future hopes. We dream they will cure cancer, solve global warming or eliminate poverty. But how often do our children look up at us and put their hopes and dreams in our lap? Mr. Harbison was honored and humbled by the phone call from his son and the chance to help people who were fighting for equality. 

Mr. Harbison is also equally as humble regarding the people in our country who did not receive this news well. He simply alludes to the constitutional rights and due process our country was founded upon. He understands the reality that there will be differences in opinion regarding this issue. 

Mr. Harbison cites the 1968 Supreme Court Loving vs. Virginia ruling where laws prohibiting interracial marriage were overturned. The country was divided for many years following this decision and many states refused to implement the ruling. In 2015, refusal to accept interracial imagine seems hard to imagine. 

As we leave Mr. Harbison's office on the 11th floor overlooking our hometown of Nashville, that has changed so much over the years, the phenomenon of change, while so often is an abstract notion; in THIS moment, it is real - in the cityscape in front of us and in the story of change we take with us.

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Our hometown, Nashville TN 

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