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Beyond the Horizon

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We have always held to the hope, the belief, the conviction that there is a better life, a better world, beyond the horizon. - Franklin D. Roosevelt

To see beyond the horizon, you have to look ahead but if you look around, we are spending a good deal of time looking down. It's hard not to because when you think about it, the mobile phone industry has put the equivalent of MGM Grand in our hands. It's scientifically proven that the notification sound on our phone sends a huge burst of good-feeling chemicals to our brain and with every sound, our brain is stimulated and wants more.

Unlike at a casino, we have never found fortune in a text or email so exactly more of what we are hoping to find is the question. But despite our Pavlovian tendency to keep checking our screens, we think there is something positive in how our brains are wired to always hope for life-changing greatness with every same IPhone ring or ding we ALL have. We just think that the odds of that happening while looking down are low. 

We think you are better off betting your money on life with your eyes staring straight ahead. Because if not, as evolution adapts to thinking the horizon has moved, we might become the next chapter of a sci-fi thriller where babies are born with necks swooping downward with sensors on their heads to alert when an object is in the way. So for the sake of humanity, next time you are tempted to look down one too many times, remember the horizon right in front of you.





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