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Bee Attitudes is committed to helping empower women through our support of Thistle Farms - an internationally renowned social enterprise in Nashville, TN. Thistle Farms helps women who have been victims of human trafficking, addiction and prostitution. They provide safe and supportive housing, an opportunity for economic independence and a strong community of advocates and partners.

We support Thistle Farms by sharing their mission through our social media channels. We believe that as more people are informed about this social injustice the more communities will work to solve this problem. 

We have also committed to donate 5% of our annual proceeds to Thistle Farms, along with various promotions throughout the year.

Thistle Farms provides women with both the training and experience needed to enter the workforce upon graduating from the program. We have had the opportunity to hire women currently in the program or have graduated and we will continue to hire from the Thistle Farms Community as we grow.

In our mission to have a bigger impact, we have also reached out to like-minded organizations like The Next Door by donating shirts to the women who are part of this program. The Next Door provides a safe place for women in need of help for addiction, mental illness and more. As we grow we hope to have the opportunity to work with more groups who are committed to helping women create new lives for themselves.

To learn more about this issue and these two organizations please visit Thistle and The Next  

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